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Dr Andrew Moss

Overview (a.k.a what, eh?)

It is a basic law of the universe that all people who spend a substantial chunk of their time writing will eventually create a website. All websites are  inexorably pulled towards being blogs. All blogs must tend inevitably to the pointless whining and barking, as is their inherent nature. I thought I would cut out the middle man and head straight for the jugular with a random collection of things, curated here for posterity. Some part professional life, some part personal and filled in with a medley of codes that may be useful.

Bio (a.k.a The Who)

I started my career at the University of Bristol where a combination of undergraduate degree, PhD and postdoc meant that I stayed put for an inordinately long time. Since then I have left the cider-stained hills of the West Country behind to lecture at the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH, confusingly to the English speaker). My PhD was excellently masterminded by the advice of Henk Muller. The thesis was in the area of Language Design and Program Analysis, specifically how the former may be motivated by the latter. Since then I’ve hidden inside a Cryptography group to look at how one may design languages and compilers to aid the programmer in writing fiddly low-level primitives that demand high-performance implementations across a range of architectures. Along the way I’ve looked at timing semantics, how they relate to underlying architectures, and how one may automatically analyse programs to infer their performance. The interesting problem in every case may be seen as “how can this programming problem be phrased to offload the work to a compiler?”


A mixture of rambling about research and teaching:



Automatic Listings: DBLP, Bristol DB, BTH DB, Google Scholar.
Manual listing (often out of date):

Tech Reports

Projects (a.k.a Bits of code written by various people)

Over the years I've worked on various bits of code that seemed like they could be useful to other people, or that we rashly promised we would release in papers. Although it takes time to clean things up for public release various things will appear here as time goes on.