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Avoiding The Needless Multiplication Of Forms

Blog Migration

Dr Andrew Moss


A new home on the range

My old blog was something that I threw together in a hurry one day as I needed to document some of the things that I was working on. The aesthetic that I was aiming for on Blogger was "oh my god my eyes are burning". I think I hit that target quite well.
It's been a bit quiet lately as most of my documentation effort has gone into internally visible efforts. But I'm in the process of redesigning the infrastructure that I host my courses on so there are a couple of new posts on the way. Currently these are marked as draft so they are not visible, but they should reach a state that I'm happy with within a few weeks.
As I shutdown the Blogger eye-burn I had a quick look at the stats to see what kind of interest my random collection of notes had attracted. I am a little bit surprised.
Kind of weird, eh? I wonder when all of that traffic from Russia appeared. The Blogger stats interface is a bit basic but we can get a rough idea...
I wonder which aspect of the grant proposal review just before Christmas triggered all of that interest?


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